Through media production we can create change.  We live in a culture surrounded by media.  The more corporatized this media becomes the more necessary it is for us to create our own media. 







El Trompo, Installed with mapping activity, Amherst MA, 2010  


About Helyx

Helyx Chase is the Philadelphia Coordinator of the Trans Oral History Project, a national network that collects and distributes the stories of trans* folks.  In addition to being an independent video artist Helyx works with the Termite TV collective, Media Mobilizing Project, Scribe Video Center and as a youth video educator.  Helyx is passionate about storytelling and story preservation as a means to draw connections between folks within communities.  Their video art is built by about and for televisions and computers.  The Midnight Media Coup is a homebase and formal expression of Helyx's activism and artistic practice.  

Helyx edits video, teaches, writes curriculum and creates art in hir hometown of Philadelphia, PA and is available to hire for the production of video segments for your business, cause, or non-profit. 

Examples of my video work are available at the following links:

The Trans Oral History Project

El Trompo, The Trek Project

Media Mobilizing Project 

Waiting for the camera battery to charge, Gualacatu, Nicaragua - 2010