Through youth programming, personal artistic practice and web design the Midnight Media Coup is developed a multi layered tool for not only analyzing but also creating a history based on a multitude of experiences.
The following blog contains explaination, process and analysis as well as additional media components of the development of both the curriculum and installation.

Summary of the 4 Session Curriculum!

Introducing Community Histories:

Establish and understand a sense of community.
Create an audio track
Understand the importance of history
Understand the importance of everyone’s voice

Creating a collaborative audio track!

What is your story?

Understand that there are different portrayals of the same history/events
Create a community history timeline
Create some kind of visual media

Timeline of our own histories!
Making short video clips of our stories!

Creating a (his)Story

Listen to someone’s history
Collaboratively create a media history.

Creating our own media (his)story based on an in-session interview with a community member!

Sharing (his)Story

Reflect on the process of gathering and creating histories
Come up with a plan of action to display history work

Creating displays for our own (his)stories!


Reflections on the first 11 days of fundraising

Fundraising is hard. 11 Days ago I launched the fundraising campaign of my project on indiegogo- which is a crowd-funding website. Since then I have raised $115. Some of it has come from sources that I expected. Most of the donations have come from people who I was pleasantly surprised to see that she donated to me. This I suppose is the ups and downs of crowd funding. As a principle I like the concept, it’s an easy, visible and transparent way for me to put together $3000 and provide incentives for the people who donate. However, generating the interactivity with the website and the actual activity of donating has proved difficult. Many people who I was hoping would donate have not yet and I hope that the pace of fundraising will pick up in the next 49 days.

Any hints/tips out there for engaging folks in fundraising? What would help encourage you to donate???

check out and pass on the link-

Capitalism Cannot Fix Capitalism- Moving Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Initial Thoughts

One of the primary goals of the founding of the Midnight Media Coup is that I want to form the Coup as infrastructure within the goal of working within direct opposition to capitalism, including the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.

As I immerse myself in movement building through both my summer internship with the Media Mobilizing Project and my travels to Detroit I am constantly reminded that capitalism cannot fix what capitalism has created. The greed that is created by a capitalist system is directly responsible for the inequities, which are necessary for the functioning of the system. Our desire to always be at the top, to be the exception, the rags to riches story is not sustainable.

As BP attempts to clean up the mess that their greed has created the effects of the oil industry in that area are not new, and will probably be felt for decades if not centuries to come. Oil Companies in Northeastern PA continue to rob the area of its natural resources while poisoning the area and the people who live within it.

As we watch Verizon attempt to convince us that a tiered system of Internet access, that would deny the power of new media, of Internet and of voice to low-income people is a positive step in the free market place.

What we see everyday is a system that teaches us to equate citizenship, equality and worth with money. Yet, by the nature of classic economic scarcity, it is impossible for the majority of people to buy that citizenship.

The goal of liberal capitalism is equality, but what I seek is equity.

The Non-Profit Industrial Complex is a product of a system of non-profits that are captive to the capitalist system they seek to cope with. Instead of working towards legitimate change these non-profits create band-aide solutions thus continuing to ensure that they have a solid base of need to serve. This is not always due to conscious effort, but rather in my opinion manufactured ignorance to the complexity of systems.