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Constructing a Gaze

How do I set about constructing a gaze and a culture that is not mine? How do I do it with justice and dignity? Do I have a right to do it in the first place? Originally heading into this project I had wanted to figure out a way to secure some sort of small scale projector so that I could screen the footage I had shot and show it to the people in the community and get feedback. As the time until I leave gets closer and the money in my budget slowly slips away I am realizing that this is less and less of a possibility, and so I wonder, how do I still construct this project in a way that is respectful to the people of another country culture and race that I cannot even begin to fully understand.

I know that I do not want my documentary to be fueled by emotion evoking shots of "poor brown kids" who have no power over their image, like so many of the documentaries I have seen about areas in latin america/africa. One of the reasons I have chosen to intigrate animated maps is because this is an opportunity to shift into something that everyone can control how it is being created (the maps that is, not the animation). But I still struggle with the idea that I am traveling into somebody else's space with the intention to document that...

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