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Journal Reflections

Excerpt from a conversation I had shortly after returning from Nicaragua:

me- "My host mom had never heard of the Jews, and when she told us this we asked her if she had ever heard of Hitler and she said no, she hadn't"

someone else- "You'd think that would have come up in a history class..."


I didn't really know how to respond to that, my host mom only had a basic first grade education. When she was elementary school age the revolution was happening in Nicaragua and she had to flee to Honduras with her family; and Nicaraguan refugees were not allowed to attend the schools in Honduras. She eventually returned to Nicaragua and at age 18 she took first grade. I am pretty sure that she had her first son when she was 19. She never had a history class.

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Wow that's a pretty deep entry and I think it touches upon something many of us felt there. I remember Nisa reflecting about no one knowing of Islam and I'm sure few would know where Lydia's homeland (Ghana), Hemalea's (Guyana) and mine (India) are. It really hits home how much we take education even at a simple level for granted. Thanks for sharing this, it really puts things right back in perspective. I'm hyped for school again :)Can't wait for the trailer to drop!


September 24, 2009 | Unregistered Commenternajnabed94

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