The Trek Project is a multi-faceted, multi-media project that examines the ways that people see themselves in a global context. The project was created follows 10 high schools students on the same community service trip to Nicaragua that I completed when I as 17 and documents the journey that occurs when people from the US travel abroad as well as all of the complicated dynamics that surround how people claim global citizenship. The piece takes an analytic lens to the aide tourism industry and the US-relationship with Latin America. The piece involved the creation and implementation of Mapping Workshops in the Spring of 2009 both in public events and also privately with the students that I traveled with. These workshops examined how people see themselves in a global context. Additionally, I have been working on a timeline that contextualizes the concepts that come up in the movie and examines the colonization and re-colonization of Latin America. The project culminates in the creation of El Trompo, the documentary that takes the viewer on a journey from New York City and Philadelphia to Gualacatu, Nicaragua. El Trompo seeks to complicate our notions of macro and micro global systems of oppression and examine both the good and bad ways that people experience aide tourism. Additionally, I have created curriculum for various age groups in both in/out of classroom settings to further engage with the topics brought up in the movie.  


The Trailer:


You can view the entire documentary (25 mins):

Helyx is available to screen the documentary as an interactive mapping workshop.  The following blog serves as documentation of the project process, it was kept from 2009-2010 during the peak of pre-production, production and post production.  

3rd and (almost) Final Cut

Last sunday I finished the last major rough cut of El Trompo, it is posted on vimeo:

or below:

3rd Cut El Trompo Best Quality from Helyx Chase on Vimeo.

the password is the same as the last two times and if you don't know it just email me ( or Facebook me and I will let you know.

Also as far as the rest of the project is concerned I am posting the rough version of the timeline below:

As you can probably guess production has been pushed back a little farther than I originally intended. However, I promise it will be worth it!


ok, so, its about 2 months late, buuuuut, the editing of El Trompo is done!
the video will be ready to screen soon, all that has to happen is final sound editing and subtitles.

ALSO The Trek Project itself is also almost done!
one of the big barriers to completing the project is that I need to work on the timeline of US Latin American History and make it more graphically appealing, you can see the timeline in the previous post, if anyone has any ideas/drawings they think would work well with the timeline send them along!

Hopefully the next few weeks will go smoothly and the piece will be screening and released soon!

Artist Statement?

here it is! ( i think )

The Trek Project is the culmination of a journey. For me this project has been an experiment, an investigation, an interrogation. Creating this project has sent me into some of the most uncomfortable places in my soul; time spent interrogating systems of oppression that I have both opposed but also supported. Examining all of this I repeatedly asked myself what is my stake in all of this? Who am I to create this story?
It is a question that this movie does not answer, rather it pushes it further, complicates the lines of borders, travel and story. I created this project to give back to an organization that has given me endless opportunity and perspective. What I give to you, the viewer, is a piece of this, a piece of the journey and a chance for perspective. What will you do with it?

Launching The Midnight Media Coup and the Re-Mapping Our (his)Stories Project

The Trek Project Installation

Art and Design Gallery
Hampshire College, Amherst MA